ARCABO has been a specialist in the construction of mobile bungalows for 25 years!

Our production facilities are optimally equipped for serial chalet construction, allowing us to quickly build large numbers of mobile bungalows. Our design department manages the process using an advanced CAD-CAM system. This ensures quality and accuracy while giving us continuous control.

A unique approach for every project. Consistently rising to the challenge of building better, more efficiently, and with ever more originality.
Our in-house team of specialists will make your dream project a reality.
Always different, always special.

Whether you want to build a holiday home designed by your own architect or choose from the wide range of ARCABO rental models, our team is at your service!

We offer:
1) Customised solutions for the construction or redevelopment of larger leisure projects
2) A wide range of models for owners of small to medium-sized holiday parks
3) Guidance and advice on investment projects

Solutions to suit every holiday park owner!

25 years as Europe’s largest specialist in chalet construction

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