ARCABO chalet construction

Whether you choose a traditional chalet, a cubist model, or an exclusive design that incorporates all of your own custom specifications, we’ll help you build your ideal vacation park at our chalet factory!

We’ve been building uniquely designed chalets for many years, and they can be found all over Europe. Many different types of holiday homes leave our production sites every day, including floating chalets and even complete hotel room chalets!

An ARCABO holiday home offers quality and security.

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Floating houses

If your site includes access to water, you might consider installing floating holiday homes.

Floating chalets offer your guests a unique holiday experience!

Many of our models can be adapted for installation on a pontoon.

Hotel room chalets

Attract a new target group to your holiday park. Reach those who usually opt for hotel stays by offering luxury hotel rooms in a natural setting in the friendly environment of a holiday park.

We can build your hotel room chalets entirely according to your wishes.

  • Two or three hotel rooms on a single chassis
  • All the comfort you need with a complete bathroom and kitchenette
  • Available in a variety of layouts
  • Optional: a hatch for offering “room service” to your guests

Sanitary facility units

Would you like to offer your guests an additional service to enhance their comfort? ARCABO sanitary units are the ideal solution. They provide added convenience without detracting from the camping experience.

The sanitary facility units are equipped with everything they need, such as a shower, toilet, and sink. We have models with either two (SANI TWIN) or four compartments (SANI FOUR).

The benefits of installing ARCABO sanitary units at a glance:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Units are always movable
  • Modern appearance
  • Easy to clean
  • Three-year warranty on materials and construction faults

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