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Our mission is to build holiday homes that offer comfort and durability, with well-thought-out layouts and careful use of materials. We’ve been building holiday homes since 1997, and we continually assess our manufacturing processes. That’s what makes the ARCABO product stand out!

With an eye for technical details, innovative solutions, and creative approaches, our team of specialists builds future-proof holiday homes.

The construction of your chalets is adapted to meet the standards applicable to the site. Construction according to building regulations is also possible on a project basis, meeting the same requirements set for traditional construction.

Why choose chalets over traditional construction?

  • Low investment
  • Short on-site construction phase (lower nitrogen emissions)
  • No unpleasant surprises during the construction phase
  • Construction process unaffected by weather
  • Delivery reliability
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Can be planned in advance down to the smallest detail
  • Optimal rental yield

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Specifications per component


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Each chalet’s chassis is a steel frame coated in zinc phosphate (durable coating). This means that the chalet can always be moved.

Installing the chalet: After receiving your order, we’ll send you a thorough plan for its installation based on your model, the chassis, and your foundations. Screw pile foundations can be used if necessary.


Wall insulation varies depending on the model you choose. Wall thicknesses of up to 150 mm, including insulation, are the rule rather than the exception at ARCABO. The appearance of your chosen chalet is partly determined by the exterior cladding. We will discuss your project requirements in the design phase, focusing on your target group and location. Our design department will use 3D animations to show you what your project will look like with the chosen colours and materials.


A well-constructed floor is essential. This starts with a solid chassis as the foundation. On top of this is a layer of strong floor joists supporting the floor panels with a layer of insulation between them.

Underfloor heating can be added to your floor. An extra insulation panel is applied to the base panel with underfloor heating pipes and a Fermacel panel on top. This is topped with the finishing touch: your choice from a wide range of vinyl floor coverings.


The roof structure depends on which chalet model you choose and the country it’s located in. Winter weather is not an issue for an ARCABO chalet – the building’s construction will be adapted to cope with the snow load.

We can provide roof insulation of up to 220 mm. We understand the importance of high standards for insulation and ventilation, and ARCABO chalets can be used all year round. This helps to generate even higher returns!

Roof types

  • gable roof
  • asymmetrical pitched roof
  • pent roof
  • flat roof (EPDM roof covering)

Gable roofs, pent roofs, and asymmetrical roofs are constructed as follows:

Steel pantile roofing sheet – batten – counter batten – vapour permeable/water resistant membrane – fibreglass insulation – pine beam – ceiling plate

Flat roof and pent roof:

Flat roofs are constructed as follows: Pine support structure – OSB roof underlayment – insulation board (PIR) – EPDM.

At ARCABO, we also use internal gutters. This gives the chalet a sleek look. In addition to plastic guttering, we also offer the option of a zinc downpipe.

Heating and hot water

Chalets can be heated in a variety of ways. The choice of how they are heated is up to you, although it will be influenced by the infrastructure at your park.

A high-performance central heating system is an option if your park has a gas connection (natural gas or propane). A safe area will be created inside the chalet to house the central heating unit.

Another possibility is an electric heating system with a boiler.

Electric radiators and infrared heating are also great options.

Chalets with a fuel-burning appliance such as a central heating boiler or log burner are equipped with a carbon monoxide detector as standard.


ARCABO uses a specially designed window frame specific to the chalet’s exterior wall construction.

You won’t find this approach used by all chalet builders. For example, the use of sealing joints is not necessary.

Glazing: standard HR++ . Where safety glass is used, we comply with the EN 1647 standard.

White window frames are fitted as standard. Other frame colours are possible on a project basis. You can choose from tilt and turn windows, fixed-frames, or top-hung windows.

There are various options for entrance doors, as well as elegant full-height windows with sliding doors that open onto the garden or patio.

The options for frames and doors are dependent on your chosen model.

Wide choice

ARCABO offers a wide choice of building materials, allowing you to create a project with a unique identity. The materials are selected with the greatest care and with quality and longevity in mind.

In addition to the many options for exterior cladding, roofing, heating, and interior finishes, the chalets can be equipped with air conditioning, a cosy wall heater, or a double-sided fireplace! We can also make the chalets ready for the installation of solar panels.

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