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Who do you want to be? For us, that’s where your project begins. Tell us about the history and unique features of your location. What are the local tourist attractions? Which target group enjoys spending time there? These elements are the sparks that will ignite the creation of the ideal future holiday park.

Developing a holiday park where today’s holidaymaker feels welcomed and at home is about more than simply building holiday homes.

It’s about creating an identity for your site that reflects your target group. Comfortable, superior-quality holiday homes built with attention to detail. And a strong emphasis on providing an optimal return on investment.

Together, we’ll find the perfect business model for you!

  1. Choosing a location and knowing the zoning regulations for your site
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Who is your (desired) target group?
  4. What is permitted in terms of construction on your site? (Dimensions, materials, colours)
  5. Advisory role regarding the most profitable rental units and occupancy
  6. Providing recommendations, including a design proposal
  7. Constructing your units
  8. Finalising of the project (delivery)

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We’ve been the experts in chalet construction for 25 years!

A unique construction process distinguishes us from our competitors. Our primary aim is to deliver a quality product with a long life span so you can achieve the best possible return on your rental chalets.

Our ARCABO advisors are ready to help with advice and assistance from the first step and will make sure all the steps are completed to perfection. We’ll take care of everything, ensuring that the desired results are achieved, every step of the way. You can count on us for high-quality, precision work.

ARCABO: more than construction

As well as building mobile bungalows, ARCABO provides expert advice to campsites and holiday parks. When restructuring or developing a new project, we can provide guidance on the best site layout or work with you to decide which chalet best suits the environment of your park or campsite. Together with you, we’ll find the rental model that will give you the maximum return.

Increase your occupancy rate!

We operate beyond the Netherlands as a specialist in winterproof chalets. The chalets built in our factory are exported all over Europe. Everything we do is dedicated to the creation of a perfect end product that guarantees the comfort and enjoyment of the future holiday home user. We focus continually on innovating and developing our models. Nothing is left to chance.

We cater to various tastes and styles, from classic and timeless to modern and on-trend. Perfection in our production process makes ARCABO renowned for its superior quality. The production process begins at the touch of a button in our high-tech factory.

Campsites and holiday parks are no longer just for camping

More holidaymakers than ever before are (re)discovering what camping has to offer. And it’s not just former campers who are returning. Those who usually opt for hotels and apartments love nature too, and they’re looking for rental accommodation on campsites and holiday parks.

The right rental units will allow you to reach new customers and extend your season. Modern and distinctive holiday home options, such as ARCABO chalets, are an essential element of your success.

For today’s holidaymaker, a relaxed holiday isn’t dependent on good weather alone – it’s also about feeling at home. The demand for custom-built and even themed holiday lets is growing rapidly and extends beyond traditional models. Our chalets can be adapted to suit your campsite or holiday park and your target group.

A higher annual occupancy rate, bookings for next season made as soon as guests check out, higher yields, and longer seasons are major incentives for campsites to invest in rental units.

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