At ARCABO, rental units are adapted to your needs and not the other way around

Our dedicated team of experts builds beautiful holiday homes every day, for parks in the Netherlands and beyond. And what could be better than to see this passion for building on show at the many campsites and holiday parks we’ve collaborated with?

Helping to develop holiday parks by inspiring you with our vision and ideas, highlighting opportunities, providing sustainable solutions, and surprising you with unique designs: this is what we offer you, the entrepreneur. At the heart of all we do is you and what you need to make your holiday park a success. We translate this approach into the creation of a top-quality end product.

Meet the ARCABO team, and together we will lay the foundations of a successful project!

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ARCABO is your guide, from design to completion

in four clear steps

Orientation on unit type
Design and floor plan in 3D
Rapid but meticulous construction of the chalet
Installation at your site

Draft design and our design department

Whether it’s serial production or a custom build, high-quality, precision work is guaranteed at ARCABO. We will create your holiday homes according to your specific wishes and preferences. From simple designs to exclusive custom projects, we offer a huge amount of choice in chalet design.

The production process is managed by our design department using an advanced CAD-CAM system. This ensures quality and accuracy while giving us continuous control.

Every holiday park is unique, and every construction process is different.

Building on years of experience

When designing the perfect chalet, we are driven by your requirements and preferences. We never compromise on quality! Durability is vital and is instrumental in maximising returns.

We offer a wide variety of models in a range of price categories. These can be adapted for serial construction.

Making every holiday park unique is our passion. We are always looking for ways to make the impossible possible. Innovating, building sustainably, and optimising: that’s what our team of dedicated experts does every day.

Building quality with boldness!

Make your guests’ dreams come true and create an unforgettable holiday experience. Our designers ensure that the exterior and interior of your chalets are in perfect harmony! Architectural flexibility, floor space, materials, and finishes will make your project truly special.

Going a step further: Themed projects

Today’s guests have widely differing needs and high expectations. We see that as both a challenge and an opportunity! Which units have the best chances of being rented out for the maximum return on your investment? We’ll work with you to find the perfect solution!

The perfect marketing tool!

We will develop a model specially for you, allowing you to stand out and showcase your park’s unique character.

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