The ARCABO production process

Our chalets are built by a skilled, professional team in our factory in the Netherlands using modern production methods. Over 1000 mobile bungalows leave our sites each year, destined for parks in the Netherlands and Europe.

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Our production sites


Ultramodern manufacturing facilities

Our manufacturing sites are located in Nieuwleusen and Heerenveen. The Heerenveen site was expanded in 2021 with the creation of a new, ultra-modern, 4,000m2 production facility.

In 2022, it will enable us to begin the automated manufacture of prefabricated chalet components using robots, a first for timber-frame construction in the Netherlands.

At ARCABO, we strive for consistent quality and continual innovation to help build every holiday park owner’s dreams – in the Netherlands and beyond!

Production process

Our production process is based on a carousel system that is also used in the automotive industry. At every step of this process, strict quality controls guarantee the superior-quality finish of each chalet.

Custom specifications, such as colours and design, are incorporated into this advanced manufacturing process, guided and controlled by a sophisticated computer system.

Alongside the precise selection of materials, cutting is an essential part of the computer-driven manufacturing process. Meticulous cutting is vital for quality and durability, and every sawn length and joint must be perfect.

High-quality production

Production based on Lean principles

We control every aspect of the construction of our chalets according to Lean manufacturing principles. This allows us to achieve superior standards, maximum value for the customer, and minimum waste.

Factory tour

The process from start to finish

Watching each step of our ingenious manufacturing process in person is a memorable experience. We would be delighted to welcome you inside our factory so we can show you how it’s done.

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